The following products are designed to fit the Polaris Professional Series 6x6 vehicle.

Flat bed will be our standard size of 63" wide x 50" long unless otherwise noted on this page.

As always, pleas give us a call at 785 472 3683 if you have any questions or need specific information regarding our products or capabilities.

Polaris Ranger Flat Bed
The Flat Bed is the core product which allows our line of attachments to be connected in a modular fashion. Please click on the image for specific information on the E-Muvr Flat Bed.

Polaris Ranger Utility Box
Utility boxes are easily mounted using our Quick Attach connectors and grid of special holes on the flat bed. They can be stacked, moved, or configured just about any way you like. Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum and sealed against the elements these boxes will last a lifetime.

Polaris Ranger Backboard Carrier
Our Backboard Carrier is a precision crafted high strength solution to backboard holding and transport. Designed to mount to the Flat Bed or on top of a Utility Box, this piece of gear is a real back saver.

Polaris Ranger Cot Adapter
Want to carry a full size stretcher cot on your utility vehicle? The Cot Adaptor is definitely for you. High strength aluminum construction and the same mounting as in a full size ambulance guarantee a safe, secure ride for your passenger.

Polaris Ranger Quick Adapter
This is the key to putting all the pieces together. Constructed of high strength stainless steel and aluminum, this Quick Attach fastener requires no tools to install or remove. It holds very securely and allows for quick, easy reconfiguration of our modular system.

Custom Products
Please check out our Custom Vehicles page and our Ambulance Package page and then give us a call to see what kind of custom magic we can design and build for your vehicle.

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