This is our core product to which all our other attachments are designed to attach. Bed construction is from 3/16" thick aluminum diamond plate which is laser cut and CNC bent to provide unparalleled fit and finish. Main structural framework is from 6061 aluminum tubing and plate for a bed which is strong enough to take whatever you can throw at it.

Quick attach points are located in our standard grid pattern on the bed for easy installation using our modular system of standard and custom attachments.

Stake pockets are standard in all beds and allow for placing pickets in 90 deg. positions or 45 deg. positions depending on your application.

Holes for standard 2" marker lights are laser cut into the edge. They are cut in as a knock-out style opening, so you can just knock out the locations you need. The tail lights have three openings for marker / stop / turn capability. Wire loom locations are provided in the framework.

All beds are designed to use factory harware and pivot points for simple and professional looking installations.
Framework for each bed is designed to work with each vehicle model. No mis-alignment or hitting with an E-Muvr bed.
Pivot points are constructed of 1/4" or thicker 6061 aluminum plate for super ridgidity and long life.
Beds are laser cut, so fit and finish with your vehicle is maintained to factory or better standards

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