The cot adaptor kit is designed for placing a standard stretcher cot onto the E-Muvr Flat Bed. Our kit uses the manufacturers mounting hardware so it is every bit as secure and safe as the cot mounting in a full size ambulance.

The main components of the adaptor are the bed extension and the horn mounting plate. These two components are secured to the Flat Bed by bolts for security and safety. Strength of the bed extension is provided by a high strength aluminum rail system which holds the extension ridgidly to the Flat Bed.

The Flat Bed / Cot Adaptor combination is a great way to convert your vehicle into an off-road ambulance. The convenience of having a cot at the scene saves time, effort, and liability by minimizing movement of the patient.

Please take a look at our Ambulance Package for the ultimate in off-road emergency response.

Standard mounting hardware ensures security
and safety of cot while transporting.

Front control horn is held securely to flat bed
to securely hold foward end of cot.

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