The E-Muvr Backboard Carrier was designed from the start to be the finest piece of equipment available for securely transporting an injured person in an off-road situation.

From the beefy aluminum slide rails to the powder coated support frame, each piece is built with strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of use in mind.

The concept for this product began when we put our minds to making the loading process easier and smoother. The natural way to load a backboard is across the corner, not straight on to the bed all at once. With this in mind, we also tackled the problem of positioning the passenger for comfort and accessibility to an attendant. Through the use of our sliding rail system, the following steps ensure easy, safe, secure loading and transport.

  • Load the backboard across the corner onto the backboard carrier.
  • Strap and ratchet the backboard down and place the safety straps around the patient.
  • Using the turn release lever, rotate the carrier to a forward position
  • Using the slide release lever, slide the backboard forward into the transport position

Also, the backboard carrier fits right on to the E-Muvr Flat Bed using our unique Quick Attach hardware. This requires no tools and can be installed or removed in just a few minutes.

Single point ratchet
lever tightens and
releases all four backboard
hooks at once.
Releasing the hooks is accomplished from the same point.
Hooks are constructed of high strength aluminum alloy and are coated with a durable non-marring finish.
When not in use, the hooks are stored down out of the way ready for use immediately.

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